All His Bright Light Gone

A groundbreaking new book that examines how the loss of John F. Kennedy’s approach to government led to the political chaos we have today.


More completely than any president who followed him, Kennedy understood that the United States is a democratic republic, a system based on civic responsibility and trust in government.


This enlightened approach to government was turned upside down by President Reagan. He told us government was the enemy of the people and that the creation of wealth was the most important civic responsibility. He demonized those who said we are our brother’s keeper.


As president, Kennedy created a modern-day version of a democratic republic. He told us that politics is a noble profession and inspired us to honor our heritage by promoting the common good rather than special interests.


Reagan’s policies dishonored the original intent of the Founding Fathers. They sparked decades of adolescent partisan warfare rather than responsible government. Today, our political leaders are unable to resolve, or even objectively discuss, the issues that determine the quality of our lives.

This book is for the growing number of Americans who are beginning to realize that something has gone terribly wrong in the United States, but cannot understand why.

Using John Kennedy as a mentor, we can reject the notion that government must be swept aside in favor of the private sector. We can recover our heritage and move forward with pride in ourselves and our country.